September 16, 2009

Importation Abomination - Imported Cadbury bars are from Hershey's

Many chocolate lovers have figured this importation abomination, according to the Wall Street Journal. And they are determined to seek out imports from the U.K.

From Consumerist

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February 13, 2009

Review: Cadbury Picnic Bar from India

picnicbar.JPGThis is another Cadbury bar I picked up in Bangalore, India, so its a bar you can find in specialty shops in the US, but likely not too many places. The Cadbury Picnic Baris a chocolate bar with milk chocolate and peanuts, covering nougat, caramel, biscuit and puffed rice.

A popular slogan for the Cadbury Picnicis "Deliciously ugly". They got that right (see photo). I know I'm not the best photographer around, but man, this bar is ugly. We can get over the looks. But the problem, of course, is that it isn't delicious either.

The Cadbury Picnic Bar
reminds me of a Baby Ruth with a wafer middle. First, this is a hodgepodge of textures. Second, the wafer tasted like cardboard. I also caught a faint, almost smokey flavor, which was off-putting.


Hodgepodge, or mish-mosh, are good ways to think about the Picnic bar. There simply is way too much going on - the bar doesn't know what it wants to be. Which, for the consumer, means the whole experience doesn't make sense. There are too many textures and too too many flavors, none of which make a coherent experience.

Some info via Wikipedia

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February 9, 2009

Review: Cadbury 5-Star from India

8.jpgYou can get this fudgy Cadbury confection in the US, but I got mine where it is actively marketed, Bangalore, India.

The 5 Star chocolate bar has been around for 25 years. It was launched in 1969 as a bar of chocolate that was hard outside with soft caramel nougat inside. Over time the bar has reinvented itself, which is clear because this is not the bar I consumed.

Cadbury calls it "A leading knight in the Cadbury portfolio," with the second largest market share after Cadbury Dairy Milk.

We don't get it.

It has a nice bite - the Cadbury chocolate mixed with the the caramel and dark nougat make for a nice eating piece of candy. However, there are flavor issues. On the plus side, it is very "caramely" which we like. But overall the flavor do we put it accurately...funky. And not the good kind funky. It tastes more like a health bar, like a Balance Bar or Power Bar. Not a candy bar. Pass.

[Some info from Cadbury website}

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January 27, 2009

Cadbury Follows Up Gorilla Ad With "Eyebrows Dancing"

From Brainstorm9 via NOTCOT

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January 22, 2009

Smashing Cadbury Creme Eggs While Waiting for the Bus

Cadbury has launches a new, interactive advertising campaign for their Creme Eggs. The twist is that the game is in bus shelters. Sounds like fun to us. Do they give out free samples too? :)

Check out the game in action below:

From PSFK via Brand Republic

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December 31, 2008

New Cadbury Creme Egg TV Ad

Cadbury Creme Egg hired Saatchi & Saatchi as their new advertising agency in July of 2008. Check out their first TV ad here.

If you're interested in reading more about the campaign itself, check out the full article at Brand Republic.

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December 1, 2008

Cadbury Holiday Candy Stocking

Cadbury's Holiday Stocking
Make your young one's stocking even that much sweeter with this candy stocking from Cadbury. The Holiday Candy Stocking includes: Flake, Crunchie, Dairy Milk, Bubbly, Caramel, Fudge and Buttons.

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June 27, 2008

Review: Fry's Turkish Delight

TurkishD.jpgI'm in one of my favorite stores, World Market, and they have quite an extensive selection of international candies and confections - so I pick up a couple I haven't seen before to review for The first one I picked up was Fry's Turkish Delight. Fry's was launched in 1914, and is now owned by Cadbury. The bar also seems to be popular in the UK, Ireland and Australia. So when the wrapper states "As Good as Ever" - they mean it.

Turkish Delight is a small bar (1.8 oz.) in a purple foil wrapper. The wrapper says boldly, "Full of Eastern Promise" - which apparently has been the slogan since the 1950s, even on TV ads. "Turkish Delight," I have learned, is more than the candy bar's name, it is actually another name for lokum (or loukoum), which is a confection made from starch and sugar, often flavored with rosewater and/or lemon.

I thought I was buying a chocolate bar, maybe with truffle. That's what it was shaped like and felt like. While I was paying attention to the taglines, I did not see the "Milk Chocolate with Jelly Center" on the side of the package. Had I seen that, my buying decision might have been different. Maybe not though, the Candy Snob is nothing if not adventurous.

The milk chocolate was fine, good even, typical Cadbury milk chocolate. The jelly filling was Turkish Delight of the rose-flavored variety, which gives it a pale pink color. The jelly is soft but firm, and a little bit sticky. First off, because I wasn't expecting it, the texture/flavor combo of the jelly and chocolate really threw me off. After the first bite, what was surprise turned to revulsion. The texture is just wrong, the jelly has the consistency and firmness of dried out aspic. But even dried out aspic would seem more natural than this plastic-like jelly. And granted, rose flavoring isn't my favorite in general. But its downright unpalatable with milk chocolate.

In my three decades of eating candy, and over 6-months writing a candy blog, I have never thrown out an unfinished piece of candy...until now.

I think that instead of "Turkish Delight," they should call the bar "Turkish Disgust."

The good news? It is widely marketed as being 92% fat-free. Its especially good for your waistline if you only eat two bites...

If my review hasn't scared you off, you can get Fry's Turkish Delight, and other types of Turkish Delight, here.

Background info and photo via wikipedia, because I threw this away before I had a chance to take pictures.

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May 28, 2008

Candy companies hoping "functional" health benefits help business

Candy companies are betting that the trend toward healthy foods will extend to their confections - Cadbury, Wrigley and Mars are all launching new gums and candies this summer designed to provide health benefits. The "functional" candy category has grown in 2006, up nearly 2% to $1.5 billion.

For Cadbury - a new gum line called Trident Xtra Care. Its made with recaldent, a form of calcium derived from milk that has been shown to strengthen tooth enamel by filling in crevices where cavities can form. FYI - recaldent is already being used in Trident White (also from Cadbury), but Xtra Care will 2x as much.

For Wrigley - a new line of its Eclipse gum and mints formulated with magnolia bark extract (MBE), a substance that is supposed to help bad breath.

For Mars - two new lines of vitamin-enriched Dove chocolates earlier this year - Dove Vitalize (with vitamin B and plant sterols) and Dove Beautiful (with vitamins C and E, biotin and zinc).


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May 9, 2008

Incredible Shrinking Cadbury Creme Eggs

shrinking_creme_egg.jpgIf you hadn't already realized, as we hadn't, Cadbury Creme Eggs appear to have been shrinking. Click here to read more on Consumerist. Or click here to see BJ Novak from The Office talk about it on Conan O'Brien.

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April 29, 2008

Hershey's, Cadbury Merger Rumors - Dogs & cats reported living together

1126leannebailey_taz.jpgMore candy merger news - with Mars agreeing to buy Wrigley with Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway - the rumors have cropped up about another merger between candy rivals - Cadbury Schweppes and Hershey Co.

People familiar with the matter said the two companies are not in talks now. But Hershey executives Monday were examining potential next steps, and the two could resume talks after Cadbury makes a previously planned move of separating its drinks business from its candy business on Friday, according to one of these people.

More at the WSJ

Image by Leanne Baily

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April 1, 2008

Another Cadbury Ad: This time with Joss Stone

Check out this retro-rific looking ad from Cadbury.

Other Cadbury Ads at Candy Snob:
Cadbury gets a gorilla for its spokesperson
Cadbury Ad: Airport Vehicles Replace Gorilla

From AdRants

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March 31, 2008

Cadbury Ad: Airport Vehicles Replace Gorilla

Remember when we covered the funny Cadbury ad featuring the drumming gorilla (Cadbury gets a gorilla for its spokesperson)? If not check it out, but there is a new installment as well, this time, no gorilla, and no candy actually, but airport vehicles racing. Doesn't that scream "CANDY!" to you???

From AdRants

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February 29, 2008

Cadbury gets a gorilla for its spokesperson

Cadbury has arguably the best milk chocolate around, we know this. How much milk is actually in a Cadbury Milk Chocolate bar? Well, you'll just have to watch this funny ad.

from FreshDad

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