March 15, 2008

Orange Creme Peeps for Easter

Even though we recommended Peeps for our Easter Guide, we admit they aren't our absolute favorite. We like them when they're a little stale, and we can eat a couple, but believe it or not we find them too sugary (blasphemy, I know). We included them because we know we're not in the majority when it comes to our opinions.

But, we're intrigued by the idea of Orange Creme Peeps, which we learned about through We do love most all things orange-y and cream-y - from candy to soda to dreamsicles. So we're interested in checking these out this Easter season.

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Last minute Easter gifts - the Eggsibitionist Easter Egg

The Eggsibitionist™ Easter Egg

Eggs within an egg...brilliant! A 40% milk chocolate egg holds 12 more chocolate eggs with praline and ganache fillings.

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March 14, 2008

Dark Chocolate and Raspberry 3 Musketeers Minis

3 musk 1.JPGLooks like for Easter the brand extension beat goes on at M&M/Mars. This time its 3 Musketeers Minis with Dark Chocolate on the outside and raspberry flavored nougat on the inside. They are a "limited edition," which I always figure is another way to say "we're seeing how these sell before making them permanent." But we must say we're intrigued and look forward to trying them out, but imagine they are pretty darn sweet.

Read more at Pegasus News

Looking for more Easter candy? Check out our Easter Candy Buying Guide.

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March 13, 2008

Fun Print Ad for Easter M&Ms with Dark Chocolate


Get all sorts of M&Ms goodies for Easter.

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The Serious Dark Fix Easter Egg

serious dark.jpg
Serious Dark Fix Egg™ Easter Egg

A 72% dark chocolate shell, and inside...single estate dark chocolates and deliciously dark pralines. Presented in a beautiful embossed box.

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March 11, 2008

72% Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs from Hotel Chocolat


72% Dark Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg

Beautilicious...a technical term to describe this dark chocolate lovers' egg. 72% dark chocolate with deep, rich, never-bitter cocoa flavors.

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March 5, 2008

Reese's Pieces Carrot Bag for Easter

Need a creative Easter basket stuffer this year? We like the Reese's Pieces Carrot Bag. Same sweet, creamy, peanut-buttery taste you expect from Reese's Pieces, but the fun part is the bag. Its a triangular bag that full of all orange candies. The top of the bag is green, so when its tied it looks like a carrot. What bunny wouldn't love one of these carrots!

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Candy Snob's Easter Gift Guide

Picture1.jpgMarch is upon us, which means Easter is almost here! The choices for Easter candy are nearly endless. But here are some of our favorites. We've divided up the guide into categories to make your shopping a little easier - picking out the best Easter bunnies, Easter chocolates, sugary treats, jelly beans, gourmet Easter candy and more for your Holiday enjoyment.

lindt gold bunnies.jpgEASTER BUNNIES
The gold standard for bunnies is, naturally, a Gold Bunny, by Lindt. Its made with the delicious, super-fresh milk chocolate we've come to expect from Lindt (one of our favorite mass-market gourmet chocolate makers). Gold bunnies are sure to add a little extra class to any Easter basket. Check them out here.

We also like the truffle-filled 3-pack of bunnies from Dan's Chocolates. There are two milk and one dark easter bunnies in each box, and they have a soft truffle filling. Speaking of 3-packs, if you like milk and white chocolate, we also like Harry London's Assorted Chocolate Easter Bunnies.

And last but not least, we you simply can't go wrong with any of the Gourmet Chocolate Easter Bunnies from Lake Champlain, but we recommend the Classic Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny.

An Easter basket wouldn't be complete without the chocolaty, gooey goodness of Cadbury Creme Eggs.But we also recommend Lindt Mini Lambs which provide extremely rich and yummy milk chocolate morsels. We also like these because they're lambs, which changes things up from the same old bunnies and chicks.

Really, there's only one way to go if you want a sugary treat in an Easter basket, and that's with the venerable favorite, Marshmallow Peeps.We actually like to open the cellophane and let them get a little stale, it adds to the texture of the Peep, believe it or not.

If you want something other than a peep, we also recommend something that hearkens back to our childhood - the Deluxe Sugar Egg. Its beautiful in its diorama presentation, but edible, what could be better for Easter.

jelly beans.jpgJELLY BEANS
Every Easter basket needs jelly beans, period. But there are a few directions you can go. First, the gourmet route, in which case we like Jelly Belly. Predictable perhaps, but you can't beat the small beans, great texture and terrific flavor categories such as Smoothie, Tropical and Soda Pop Shoppe. If you're going to go the fruity route, make sure you go with unique and tasty fruit flavors. Teenee Beanee has a fruit mix with La Jolla Lemon, Napa Grape, Chesapeake Cherry, Savannah Strawberry, Indian River Orange, and Laredo Lime. But we're personally partial to spiced jelly beans. And there's no better than Brach's in our opinion. A classic with mint flavors, cinnamon, licorice and more.

treasureEgg_feature.jpgTHE GOURMET EASTER BASKET
Take care of the whole thing with Easter Chocolate Baskets from Lake Champlain, or do it piecemeal. We think the Chocolate Carrot is a fun idea to accompany your Easter Bunny. And we think the Treasure Surprise Easter Egg is just beautiful. We also recommend the 8 Truffle Eggs in an Easter Egg Box from Ethel's Chocolates.

If you have someone that will appreciate classic candies, the Big Tips Deluxe is the perfect gift. The package includes 45 classic bars including: Mallo Cup, Clark Bar, Idaho Spud, Peanut Chews, Goo Goo Cluster, Big Cherry, Twin Bing, U-NO, Sky Bar, Nut Goodie, Old Faithful, Salted Nut Roll, Bun Bar, Mountain Bar, and Rocky Road. And...a copy of the ultimate candy history book, Candy: The Sweet History.

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March 3, 2008

Review: Lindt Mini Lambs for Easter

lindt lamb.jpgThis is a nicely packaged Easter treat that would look nice in someone's Easter basket. We initially picked it up because it had lambs, not the traditional bunnies or chicks.

The first thing I was surprised by, or more accurately, faked out by, was that the piece was hollow. This is a normal occurrence with Easter candy, but it tends to seem like cheating to me. Even more, when I realized it was just a shell, I immediately hoped there was some of the Lindt truffle filling that I love so much inside. Nope, faked out.

So having my hopes dashed might normally irritate me, but it was such intense milk chocolate, it made no difference. In fact, save for texture, you would think there was caramel in the chocolate it was so milky and creamy.

You can get all sorts of Lindt chocolates here.

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March 2, 2008

Review: Harry London Assorted Chocolate Easter Bunnies

harry london.jpg
When you're choosing what candy to put in an Easter basket, you always have to have at least one chocolate bunny. But how about three instead? We picked up Harry London's Solid Assorted Bunnies today and checked them out. Inside are three solid bunnies, two milk chocolate and one white chocolate. Each is individually wrapped in the box, and measures about 2 inches tall. We wish there had a dark bunny to round out the trifecta instead of two milk, but otherwise we think this is a very nice gift for someone who knows the difference between good and bad milk and white chocolate.

"Milk chocolate" is an understatement on this Easter bunny. It was very milky, giving it a fairly substantial caramel flavor. This caramel flavor isn't a bad thing at all, but know that its there and the piece is pretty sweet. We'd compare it in flavor and mouthfeel (which was very smooth) to Cadbury. It has a nice bite, and look for a hint of cinnamon while eating it, and a little bit of coffee in the aftertaste.

As for the white chocolate bunny, it was soft and extremely sweet. I'd say it was nearly fudgy in texture and taste, which was good. Overall, I really enjoyed it, but am glad it was a smaller bunnie - I fear the sweetness would have become too much had I eaten much more (and I would have).

Check out the Harry London website.

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