April 23, 2008

French Chocolate Truffles for Mother's Day

french truffles.jpgDoes your mom like truffles? French chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa powder? French truffles, dusted with cocoa powder, with no trans fats? Then do we have a pick for you. This box is full of 2.2 pounds of truffles, which will either send you into sugar shock or give you a nice treat for weeks. It has been the #1 seller in the "Gourmet Products" of Amazon during the Holidays for the last three years.

And frankly, for $11.99you can't go wrong.

Check out these French Chocolate Truffles

Need more ideas for Mother's Day? Check out our Mother's Day Gift Guide.

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April 19, 2008

A Spanish Treat for Mother's Day

bonbons.jpgStill looking for a sweet but unique Mother's Day gift? How about some Spanish chocolate truffles or bon bons by Delaviuda, the celebrated candy makers of ancient Toledo, Spain?

First is the Gourmet Chocolate Bon Bon Gift Box. It comes in a beautiful black candy box, topped with a nice red bow - so you don't even have to wrap it! Each piece is a hand-made dark chocolate shell, with almond, hazelnut, coffee bean or truffle on a praline filling. Wow.

Or if your mom would like something a little less bad for her, there's always the Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Trufas. These individually wrapped, gourmet milk chocolate truffles are rich enough that you'll forget they are 100% sugar-free.

Click here to see all the Spanish chocolates at La Tienda. Or if you need more ideas, check out Candy Snob's Mother's Day Gift Guide.

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April 13, 2008

Mother's Day Gift Guide

CS MOTHERS DAY.pngchocolove gift box.jpgIf you want to give your mom a really special chocolate gift
Chocolove Nine Great Chocolate Bars - No question, Chocolove is one of our favorite chocolate makers. So this 9 bar gift box gets a big thumbs up from us. It contains all Chocolove brand flavors except the 77% Extra Strong Dark and Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate. Not to mention, look how cool the book-like package is!

flowers.jpgWe love any of the summer assortments from Lake Champlain as gifts, but we especially think their Chocolate Flowers would make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day. What mom doesn't love chocolate AND flowers from their kid? Other Mother's Day Chocolates from Lake Champlain.

Thumbnail image for peppermint creams.jpg
If your mom likes minty candy

Kshocolât Peppermint Creams Gift Box- besides the great taste and high end ingredients, these peppermint creams come in a pretty unique box - unique because it is so plain and basic. Very cool design and would make a great gift.

valomilk.jpgIf your mom loves retro candy
If your mom loves candies that she grew up with but has trouble finding anymore, she check out I Love Mallo Cups, where there are many favorites that are still around but aren't as easy to find, like: Boyer Mallo Cups, Boyer Smoothies, Twin Bings, Nut Goodies, Goo-Goo Clusters, Sky Bars, Big Cherries, Idaho Spuds, Valomilks, and many more.

lic wheels.jpgIf your mom loves licorice (like mine does)
My mom loves all types of licorice - doesn't matter if its black, red or polka-dot. But here is one black and one red option that are more than just your plain old Twizzlers. Haribo Wheels - Sweet yet a little salty, chewy but not too chewy. They come in spiral ropes which you can uncoil for all sorts of eating fun. RJ's Natural Raspberry Licorice Logs - we reviewed these back in February. What stood out to us then, and why we're recommending them now, is the true, natural raspberry flavor.

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March 15, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Candy Snob!

Here are some candy picks that we hope will bring you some luck!

Large Shamrock Lollipops
These come in two greens/flavors - Crystal Green (Cherry) and Opaque Green (Green Apple)

St. Patrick's Day Potatoes

Hand shaped and enrobed in milk chocolate, then rolled in cinnamon and cocoa powder, then pine nuts are applied for the 'eyes.'

Oh Ryans Irish Potatoes
In memory of the Great Potatoe famine, these are made from coconut cream fondant and rolled in cinnamon.

Chocolate Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Coins
Every pot of gold needs coins, but its even more appropriate for the coins to be those of Boston's favorite Irish son, JFK.

St. Patrick's Beer Mug Filled With Guinness Truffles
What's more Irish than Guinness? And what do you need more for St. Patty's Day than a beer mug? Nothing, that's what. But if you don't need the mug, you can still get Guinness Truffles here.

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March 5, 2008

Candy Snob's Easter Gift Guide

Picture1.jpgMarch is upon us, which means Easter is almost here! The choices for Easter candy are nearly endless. But here are some of our favorites. We've divided up the guide into categories to make your shopping a little easier - picking out the best Easter bunnies, Easter chocolates, sugary treats, jelly beans, gourmet Easter candy and more for your Holiday enjoyment.

lindt gold bunnies.jpgEASTER BUNNIES
The gold standard for bunnies is, naturally, a Gold Bunny, by Lindt. Its made with the delicious, super-fresh milk chocolate we've come to expect from Lindt (one of our favorite mass-market gourmet chocolate makers). Gold bunnies are sure to add a little extra class to any Easter basket. Check them out here.

We also like the truffle-filled 3-pack of bunnies from Dan's Chocolates. There are two milk and one dark easter bunnies in each box, and they have a soft truffle filling. Speaking of 3-packs, if you like milk and white chocolate, we also like Harry London's Assorted Chocolate Easter Bunnies.

And last but not least, we you simply can't go wrong with any of the Gourmet Chocolate Easter Bunnies from Lake Champlain, but we recommend the Classic Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny.

An Easter basket wouldn't be complete without the chocolaty, gooey goodness of Cadbury Creme Eggs.But we also recommend Lindt Mini Lambs which provide extremely rich and yummy milk chocolate morsels. We also like these because they're lambs, which changes things up from the same old bunnies and chicks.

Really, there's only one way to go if you want a sugary treat in an Easter basket, and that's with the venerable favorite, Marshmallow Peeps.We actually like to open the cellophane and let them get a little stale, it adds to the texture of the Peep, believe it or not.

If you want something other than a peep, we also recommend something that hearkens back to our childhood - the Deluxe Sugar Egg. Its beautiful in its diorama presentation, but edible, what could be better for Easter.

jelly beans.jpgJELLY BEANS
Every Easter basket needs jelly beans, period. But there are a few directions you can go. First, the gourmet route, in which case we like Jelly Belly. Predictable perhaps, but you can't beat the small beans, great texture and terrific flavor categories such as Smoothie, Tropical and Soda Pop Shoppe. If you're going to go the fruity route, make sure you go with unique and tasty fruit flavors. Teenee Beanee has a fruit mix with La Jolla Lemon, Napa Grape, Chesapeake Cherry, Savannah Strawberry, Indian River Orange, and Laredo Lime. But we're personally partial to spiced jelly beans. And there's no better than Brach's in our opinion. A classic with mint flavors, cinnamon, licorice and more.

treasureEgg_feature.jpgTHE GOURMET EASTER BASKET
Take care of the whole thing with Easter Chocolate Baskets from Lake Champlain, or do it piecemeal. We think the Chocolate Carrot is a fun idea to accompany your Easter Bunny. And we think the Treasure Surprise Easter Egg is just beautiful. We also recommend the 8 Truffle Eggs in an Easter Egg Box from Ethel's Chocolates.

If you have someone that will appreciate classic candies, the Big Tips Deluxe is the perfect gift. The package includes 45 classic bars including: Mallo Cup, Clark Bar, Idaho Spud, Peanut Chews, Goo Goo Cluster, Big Cherry, Twin Bing, U-NO, Sky Bar, Nut Goodie, Old Faithful, Salted Nut Roll, Bun Bar, Mountain Bar, and Rocky Road. And...a copy of the ultimate candy history book, Candy: The Sweet History.

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February 11, 2008

Hotel Chocolat taking Valentine's orders up to 5pm on Feb 13th

hc.gifFor all those well heeled and fashionably late this Valentine's - Hotel Chocolate is offering order processing all the way up to 5pm on Wednesday, February 13th! As we all know you only miss Valentine's once - don't let your busy schedule hurt your ability to get your special someone a real luxury treat.

Here are some specific ideas:
- Catwalk Valentine's Chocolates
- Pink Champagne Truffles
- Large Dipping Adventure
- Secrets & Desires - A sensual voyage of discovery
- Catwalk Valentine's Chocolates & Prosecco

Looking for other ideas? Check out Candy Snob's Valentine's Gift Guide.

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February 6, 2008

My Last Rolo - the Valentine's candy that lasts forever

The problem with giving candy as a Valentine's gift (or flowers for that matter), is that they are eventually gone, they are only a temporary gift. So how can you give your candy-loving significant other something that will satisfy the love of candy (let's say...Rolos), in a way that will score you long-term points?? Funny you should ask because we have the answer - sterling silver My Last Rolo keepsakes. They run £35 (about $70) apiece, which may seem expensive, but if your sweetheart truly loves Rolos, its a bargain.

Buy it at Prezzybox.com

Look for other Valentine's gift ideas at Candy Snob's Valentine's Gift Guide.

From popgadget

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February 5, 2008

Chocolate Mii - the perfect Valentine's gift for a Wii addict

The Chocolate Mii comes to us from Paul Pape Designs and looks like a miniature Wii. The packaging even says, "Wii belong together, you and Mii."

Inside the Wii-shaped box are two chocolate Miis with hearts (made out of red hots) on their shirts. There are boy-girl, girl-girl, and boy-boy combinations - depending on your inclination. The Omaha Chocolate Company produces these cool confections - each made with 2.1 oz (pretty large) of gourmet milk, dark, or while chocolate, and they run $14.95 (a bargain for a gift this unique in our opinion).

from popgadget

Check out Candy Snob's Valentine's Gift Guide for more great gift ideas for your sweetheart.

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January 31, 2008

Valentine's Day Gift Guide from CandySnob

For a blog about candy, Valentine's Day is one of the biggest days of the year. So we could literally list out tons of great options for you to buy for your sweetheart this year, but that's not practical. So...since we're snobs and all, we're just giving you some of our true favorites and some of the best chocolates out there.

If your sweetheart knows their chocolate, or at least has an evolved palette, Valentine's Day Chocolates from Lake Champlain are the way to go. We particularly like the 22 piece Grand Valentine Chocolate Heart - Chocolate Truffles, Caramel Hearts, Raspberry Creams, Maple Crunch, Evergreen Mint, Chocolate Hearts, and Dark Mint Crunch Squares...c'mon! This is a bargain at $38.

Valentine's Day Truffles
You can't go wrong with any of the gift ideas at Dan's Chocolates but we particularly like the Modern Heart 1 Lb. with Bouquet. It comes with a 1 Lb box of chocolates and a fresh flower bouquet shipped in the same box. The design on the box is also very cool. $64.98 at Dan's Chocolates.

This is more funny than naughty, really. It is a lollipop that shows a naked cupid with his you-know-what exposed. Its actually quite a nice piece - handpainted with colored white chocolate. You can get it in white, milk, or dark chocolate for $3.95 from Naughty Chocolates.

We bought this variety pack awhile ago, and loved every single piece. Then, as fate would have it, we got to know one of the founders and we worked together on a candy book for the Pennsylvania Confectioner's Association. Big Tips Candy Collection contains: Mallo Cup(our favorite of course), Clark Bar, Idaho Spud, Peanut Chews, Goo Goo Cluster, Big Cherry, Twin Bing, U-NO, Sky Bar, Nut Goodie, Old Faithful, Salted Nut Roll, Bun Bar, Mountain Bar, and Rocky Road. The bonus, it comes in a snazzy gift box and a coloring book which tells the stories of these classic candies. The Big Tips Candy Collection is $24.95.

If you're going for white chocolate, go for the best white chocolate you can, in this case the 24 piece Godiva White Chocolate Gift Box.Its the perfect gift for anyone who loves white chocolate. It includes: Raspberry Star, Hazelnut Praliné Raindrop, White Ganache Bliss and Twilight Swirl, just to name a few. Plus its Kosher, fyi. $29 from Amazon

Pralus Pyramid - 10 Dark Chocolates from Around the World- This is a really nice gift if your sweetheart likes dark chocolates and is interested in learning about the nuances of the different terroir. This gift includes ten different single-origin chocolates in one enticing package. These delicacies are 75% cacao dark chocolate and won the Grand Prix d'Excellence International du Chocolate for both 1996 and 1997. $44.95 at Amazon.

We strongly recommend Figamajigs, for Valentine's and beyond. Zero trans fats, low fat, high in fiber and anti-oxidants, all natural, and AWESOME flavor and texture. For a gift, the variety pack would be a nice way to go. It includes: 5 Figamajig Bars, 4 Figamajig Bars w/Almonds, 3 Orange and Yellow Chocolate Covered Drops, and 3 Dark Chocolate Covered Drops. It runs $22.35 at their website.

Other Candy Snob Valentine's Day posts:
- Chocolate Truffle Tea from Mighty Leaf
- Green M&Ms for Valentines Day
- Even M&Ms are going green...in the name of love

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