December 23, 2008

How To Use Less in Chewing Gum Packaging

Designer Kyle Gati has a chewing gum redesign concept - using a lot less material - which has to be a good thing no? We think so.

Check it out at core77


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October 3, 2008

Space Invaders Gets Its Own Gum for 30th Anniversary

space_invaders_gum.jpgSpace Invaders is 30 years old, which makes me feel awfully old. But to celebrate, Japan's LOTTE candy company recently partnered up with Taito to create a commemorative Space Invaders gum.

Technabob poses a great question:

What flavor is a Space Invader anyhow? I'm thinking maybe some sort of lime, since they're probably filled with green space goo.

Note: Technabob is willing to award $10 to the first person who can get him a pack of this gum. CandySnob will pay $20!

From Taito Japan via Technabob

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September 26, 2008

What's Inside Orbit White Gum?

st_whatsinside_f.jpgThis month's WIRED, in their "What's Inside" section (which always is a little scary) looked at Orbit White Gum. Here are some highlights:

Maltitol- a mild sweeteners that is a sugar alcohol, aka polyols, and is typically derived from natural carbs. The good: None of the normal unnatural taste of calorie-free sweeteners. They don't cause spikes in blood-sugar level. And they won't rot your teeth. The bad and the ugly: Well, their slow intestinal absorption can cause bloating, diarrhea, and flatulence.

Sorbitol - Another sugar alcohol. Do you have your pencil, calculator and abacus ready? A simple glucose molecule (C6H12O6) is broken apart and two extra hydrogen atoms are added (making C6H14O6). The result is about half as sweet as the original compound. Sorbitol can also be found in peaches, plums, and other fruit.

Gum Base - Apparently chewing gum used to be made from the sap of manilkara trees; now the chew often comes from styrene-butadiene, the same petrochemical used to make car tires. Yuck.

Glycerol - Yet another sugar alcohol. Glycerol is a clear, syrupy liquid, also used in pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Not to mention its ecofriendly. It is a byproduct of biodiesel production, so people are trying turn it into "green" antifreeze.

Aspartame - Ahhh, our old friend aspartame, we were wondering when you would appear. It is about 200 times more potent than sugar and is the calorie-free. A synthesis of two naturally occurring amino acids, it breaks down into small amounts of toxic chemicals like methanol and then formaldehyde in the body.

Acesulfame K - Yet ANOTHER calorie-free sweetener with a bitter aftertaste. Unlike aspartame, Ace K is totally artificial, so the body doesn't even try to metabolize it. Gee, that must be good for you then...

Sodium Bicarbonate - Baking soda, plain and simple. Just like when it is in your toothpaste, it helps clean and whiten your teeth.


From WIRED. Photo by Tim Morris.

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August 29, 2008

How Bubble Gum is Made

What a better way to enjoy your Friday than watching a humongous pink blob being twisted around.

Thank you Expired Foods for the heads up.

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August 20, 2008

Caffeinated Candy Week: Black Black Gum & Candy - Japanese sensation popular in US too

211febb.jpg'Hi-Technical Taste' is what you should expect from this caffeinated candy. Black Black is made by Lotte and is all the rage in Japan. Besides the caffeine, it also has Vitamin B-3, ginseng and oolong tea in it.

Black Black Gum and Candy is available at Think Geek's Caffeine section.

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July 14, 2008

Glee Gum Peppermint - Can't Get Past the Fleeting Flavor

glee peppermint.pngThe title says it all. We've looked at Glee Tangerine, Bubblegum and Cinnamon. And today we broke into the Peppermint flavor. Just like the three flavors before, the initial bite and chew is awesome - a nice crackle. And the initial flavor is some of the best we've come across - no doubt because of the all-natural ingredients. But by the time you're really appreciating the flavor its going away.

Check out Glee Gum Peppermint

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July 11, 2008

Are you Chiclephobic? We doubt it if you're reading this blog.

scared.pngWho knew that there was an actual phobia around the Fear of Chewing-Gum. The actual name of it is "Chiclephobia." Maybe its a fear around choking on it? Who knows.

If you're not chiclephobic, some of our favorites are Gleefor being all natural, Stridebecause it lasts so long, and Juicy Fruitbecause we've loved the fruity flavor since we were little kids.

From Expired Foods

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June 23, 2008

Review: Cinnamon Glee Gum

gum_cinnamon_face.jpgWe've been steadily making our way through all the flavors we can find of Glee Gum, today we're looking at the cinnamon flavor. We love the natural aspect of Glee. That dedication to natural ingredients shows in the flavor big time, and the cinnamon flavor is no different. It is not a biting cinnamon, it is not hot if that's what you're looking for. But it is very tasty. The crackle of the chicklet (which we love), gives way to a nice cool cinnamon flavor that is mild but full of flavor.

However...just like the tangerine and the bubblegum before it, the cinnamon's flavor rockets away. Sorry Glee, we want this to be one of our favorites, we don't have to have the flavor hang out forever. But we do want to enjoy our chewing experience, which right now isn't easy to do.

To put this in better perspective:

If you were driving a Porshe 911, and floored it from a dead stop, you'd be nearly out of flavor by the time you hit 60.

If you you were in the middle of asking Barack Obama a specific question about his policy positions, you'd be nearly out of flavor by the time he works "change" and/or "hope" into his response.

Or, if you're writing a blog post about Glee Gum, you'd have to down the whole 18-piece box in order to have enough access to the flavor to write about it.

Check out Glee Gum at their website or at Amazon.

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May 28, 2008

Mentos Gum Bursts in the U.S.

gummentos.jpgMentos Gum - is Perfetti Van Melle USA's second attempt in five years to crack the U.S. gum market - and they're going to spend $41 million this year to do it (Wrigley & Adams typically spend about $35 million for a new product introduction). Perhaps they are still stinging after discontinuing their last attempt, Mentos NewCharge. The gum will come in Spearmint, Red Fruit and Peppermint flavors.

Look for the ads to show up on Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and "American Top 40" with Ryan Seacrest - showcasing the tagline "New Mentos gum. It's Mouthwatering."


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May 24, 2008

Glee Gum Bubblegum Flavor - "A gum MacGyver could use..."

Thumbnail image for gum_bubblegum_face.jpgHonestly, I wasn't crazy about this flavor from Glee. I'm a purist at when I taste bubblegummy flavor (of which Glee's is very very tasty), I sort of want it to be attached to bubblegum, not chewing gum. I prefer my chewing gum to be minty or fruity. Personal I would simply sum it up by saying good flavor that I again wish lasted longer, and stickier than other Glee Gum I've sampled.

My wife, the fetching Mrs. Candy Snob, also shared in the gum chewing expedition today. Here's what she had to say:

In regards to how quickly the flavor dissipates, "Not as bad as Fruit Stripe, but not great."

Commenting on the stickiness of the gum, "This is a piece of gum that MacGyver could use."

"I like the little snap I get when I'm chewing this."

Glee Gum's website

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May 21, 2008

Certificate From the Glee Gum Guy

We made some posts (here and here) regarding Glee Gum and what do you know, their mascot sent us a certificate of appreciation! It was our pleasure Glee Guy.
glee certificate.png

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May 15, 2008

Review: Glee Gum - Tangerine

gum_tangerine_face.jpgToday we dive into our stash of Glee Gum, starting with the Tangerine flavor.

The box is brightly colored orange (tangerine I suppose), nicely designed, and sports a retro-looking cartoon guy who doesn't seem to have a torso.

What's cool about Glee in general? Among other things, they're organic and vegetarian. And they use rainforest chickle for their gum base. If you check out the ingredients, you'll notice a short list of flavors. And if you know much about Candy Snob, you know we believe the less ingredient, ultimately the better candy.

gum_tangerine_back.jpgThe gum pieces themselves are little squares, a little bigger than a Chicklet, and these are also orange in color. When you bite into a piece, the first thing you notice is the crunch of the shell, which appears to be thicker than most gum or this sort. From there, you get a bite across the sides of your tongue - when the real citrus flavor hits. And immediately following, a very brief coolness which is very, well, cool. The tangerine flavor is both genuine and natural tasting, but also distinct from its orange cousins. Often, its hard to tell the difference between orange and tangerine flavor. Not so with Glee.

In fairness, the one negative I would point out is that the flavor doesn't last very long at all - I popped 3 in my mouth at once, and the flavor was pretty much wiped out in 1-2 minutes. The upside to this, of course, is that you get to chew some more Glee Gum!

Check out Glee Gum.

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May 10, 2008

My Glee Gum Has Arrived

Thank you to the Glee Gum folks for sending me their all-natural chewing gum to review and check out. Look for the reviews soon!

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April 20, 2008

Candy Snob Celebrates Earth Day All Week - Sunday's Pick

glee.jpgWhat could be better than a chewing gum with a name like Glee? That's right, not much. Which is why we're kicking off our week's worth of organic candy with them, to celebrate Earth Day. Glee Gum is an all natural chewing gum made with sustainably harvested rainforest chicle. There are five flavors: cinnamon, peppermint and tangerine, spearmint, and bubblegum.

BTW, the folks at Glee were kind enough to send Candy Snob all sorts of samples, so check back very soon for our reviews and comments.

Check out more Glee Gum

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