February 10, 2009

This lollipop is as good as gold - 24 karat gold to be exact

38.jpgA lollipop that is made by hand with genuine 24 Karat Californian Gold Flakes.

The health spin on this is that gold is supposed to have anti-bacterial properties when eaten. Not sure about this, but its a cool lollie.

It runs £3.75 GBP, which is actually better than I'd have thought.

From Edible via NOTCOT

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December 10, 2008

Make Your Own Holiday Lollipops

Christmas Lollipop Kit
The only thing better than Christmas lollipops are Christmas lollipops you make yourself. This kit comes with a lollipop mold plus a bonus candy mold with seven different designs. Included in the kit are: 10 oz. Wilton Candy Melts®* (5 oz. White, 2.5 oz. each Red and Green), Christmas Characters Lollipop Mold (4 designs, 10 cavities), Bonus Gifts Galore Candy Mold (3 designs, 6 cavities), 3 disposable decorating bags and ten 6 in. Lollipop Sticks.

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September 29, 2008

Wasabi Ginger Lollipops

wasabi-ginger-four-web.jpgCan't wait to check these out. The spice and bite of ginger with a little heat from the wasabi. I bet its an interesting, engaging flavor experience.

More at Lolliphile


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September 4, 2008

Fragile Candy - Careful you don't slice your tongue

This is one crazy lollie if you ask us. Very cool looking, but we think this might a case of form over function. In other words, this looks like it'll be darn difficult to eat, especially if you're a sucker instead of a biter.


From Yanko Design via NOTCOT

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September 1, 2008

McCain Lollipops - A Sweet 'Ole Sucker for the Republican Convention

As a bi-partisan candy maker (candy knows no political boundaries), Kai's Candy is offering John McCain hard candies and lollipops. Just like the Obama lollies, the McCain candies are made with the traditional Japanese art of kumi ame (rolled candy), which makes each one interesting, fun and unique. Each candy is individually wrapped, and the lollipops come on super long 8" sticks. The flavors are similar to American hard candies, but with a more mild flavor.

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August 29, 2008

Lollipops You Hook To Your Computer Before Sucking

image1.jpgTouted as "The candy that provides you with a sensational new way to see," Eye Candy uses "cutting edge Sensory Substitution Technology to transmit vivid emotive images into your mind's eye."

They come in six flavors ranging from I Can Assert to I Can Focus - each one meant to get you into a certain state of mind - by projecting specially evocative imagary into your field of vision.

They go into more detail about how this works on their site, but suffice is to say that the "lollie" part of the device transmits messages through your tongue, to your brain. And those messages are what put you in a certain state of mind, supposedly.


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August 25, 2008

Obama Candies - A Sweet Way to Celebrate the Democratic Convention

Happy First Day of the Democratic National Convention!

It is easy to slap an Obama wrapper on a regular old piece of chocolate or candy. What's not as easy is to make a really original, unique, collectible piece of candy to celebrate the new face of the Democrat Party's nominee. But that's exactly what Kai's Candy has done with its Obama lollipops and hard candies. They are made with the traditional Japanese art of kumi ame (rolled candy), which gives each piece its own nuances and uniqueness. The flavors are similar to American hard candies, but with a more mild flavor. The small candies are mint flavored.

Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 Blog
said it best...
"Now you can satisfy your [Obama] lust by wrapping your hands around the big B.O. and licking his sweet face... his lollipop face, that is."


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August 22, 2008

Jar Jar Binks Lollipop - When good licensing goes bad

jar jar lolly.pngYep, its true. There was, in fact, a Jar Jar Binks lollipop released back when Star Wars Episode 1 came out. Pretty weird, and a little creepy. Who the heck wants to French kiss Jar Jar??? No wonder it didn't sell very well.

Check out some of the other cool Star Wars licensed stuff in this WIRED video:

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August 7, 2008

Funny TV Ad for Chupa Chups - Girlfriend

From Space Invaders

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July 23, 2008

Chupa Chups Celebrates Its 50th Birthday!

chupachups02.jpgThis year, Chupa Chups turns 50. Chupa Chups has decided to celebrate, it has launches a fun, engaging new website.

Check out Chupa Chups stuff here.


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February 13, 2008

Review: Vertigo Chocolate/Cookies & Cream Pop

vertigo_bag.jpgI was at my local gas station, buying a bottle of water to help wash down the excessively bitter taste of high gas prices, when I happened across an interesting find - a Vertigo Candy & Chocolate Pop made by Topps. This one happened to be Cookies & Cream.

So how can a lollipop deserve the name "Vertigo"? Well, by launching an immediate taste explosion - marked by conflicting textures coupled with well-matched flavors. It is a bit disorienting I must say, but certainly a delicious combo.

The chocolate, naturally, melts faster that the hard candy side. It is very nice, smooth milk chocolate that melts very nicely. The hard candy side of the pop was again a pleasant surprise. Cookies & cream wouldn't be my first choice for a lollipop, but darn if it wasn't really tasty.

At only 80 calories a pop (as if you were counting), this is a treat you should really check out. They also have chocolate/strawberry and chocolate/caramel pops, both of which we're looking forward to trying.

Check out the Vertigo website, besides more product information there are some funny ads on their homepage.

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