September 3, 2008

New Milky Way Ad Shows How Strong Its Caramel Is

Funny new ad from Milky Way ad shows a bar being stretched on a grocery store checkout conveyor belt. Engaging way to show the caramel.


See more at fubiz.

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August 26, 2008

m&m + M = 3M

Fun signage from NOTCOT that includes one of our favorite candies, M&Ms.


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August 8, 2008

Could M&M's Be Having a "New Coke" Moment?

adco190.jpgWe were on this story well before the New York Times, who wrote yesterday about the new M&Ms Premiums, the fact that they have no shell, and the new ad campaign that goes with it. Here are some of the points from the article that caught my eye:

""Even just seeing one color of an M&M helps say, ooh that's something different," said Susan Credle, executive creative director at BBDO New York, which handles M&M's advertising.""
Spoken like a true ad executive...looking for the ooh instead of the happy customer.
""We found that premium chocolate lovers want the smooth, creamy taste to be the first thing they taste in a chocolate product, so the smooth shell of M&M's Premiums enables them to taste the chocolate first," said Michele Kessler, vice president for marketing at Mars Snackfood."

Hellooo...premium chocolate lovers aren't buying M&Ms for that purpose. We/They buy M&Ms for the...wait for it...wait for it...taste and texture of an M&M!

"The Mars research and development team came up with a new manufacturing technique to make the shell, she said. And some ingredients are different, so the candy can accept the shimmering finishes and exotic flavors."

"Ms. Kessler said she was not concerned about moving too far from the main M&M's product."

"They're still lentils, they still have the 'M' on them," she said. "They're certainly colorful in a different way, but in a more premium way that reinforces what the product brings."

Ask Coca-Cola how depending on market researchers and agencies worked out for them when they launched New Coke.

From NYT, Mars Takes M&M's Out of Their Shell

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August 5, 2008

Why M&Ms Screwed Up with M&Ms Premiums

mms prem.pngI checked out the Mocha flavor of the new M&Ms Premiums line recently. I had extremely high hopes, and looked forward to checking out the other flavors.

When you first see any of the Premiums, the first thing you notice is the beautiful colors on the shell - a mix of relevant colors for the flavor, making them both visually appealing, but also a natural extension of the look of a regular M&M.

Then you eat one (or three as it were). The flavor is pretty good actually, its a nice quality of chocolate (for a mass brand), and in this case the mocha flavor was present but not overwhelming.

The problem, and its a big one in my opinion, is not in the quality, beauty or flavor. The problem is that they took away the hard shell. There is no crunch, there is no texture contract between the shell and the inside, nothing. What the heck happened to "melts in your mouth, not in your hands"??? That shell is one, if not the, differentiator for M&Ms - the thing that has made them so unique, popular, classic. Why in the world would they change this.

Major strategic misstep Mars.

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July 28, 2008

New Personalized M&Ms Blend for Kyle Busch

nascar1.jpgKyle Busch's has won seven times this season, with 10 top-five finishes. So M&M/Mars capitalizing on their team (they're Busch's sponsor) by launching a new blend of personalized "My M&M's" candies featuring Busch. The blend includes yellow, brown, red and white candies (M&M Racing's signature colors) printed with Busch's face, autograph, car number and the message "Go Kyle!"

They're available here for $12.99 per seven-ounce bag, with a minimum of three bags. Big Nascar families can economize with the five-pound bulk box, at $140. My M&M's will donate $5,000 (128 standard orders' worth) to the Kyle Busch Foundation, which supports children's homes that provide safe, supportive environments.

From MediaPost

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July 26, 2008

Snickers Pulls Latest Mr. T Ad for Being Homophobic

getsomenuts.jpgWe posted the latest Mr. T Snickers ad a couple weeks ago, and now it seems that it has been pulled in the UK for being homophobic.

From Beyond Madison Avenue

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July 24, 2008

Walmart Snickers & 3 Musketeers Packaging Mystery Solved, We Think

snickerscoldwarbox.jpgWe learned of this last night when no one knew what the deal was with these stark Snickers and 3 Musketeers wrappers at Walmart. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, now that we're ready to post about it, the mystery may have been solved.

The packaging looked not only simple, but as many in the blogosphere noted, strangely soviet, especially with the single star. Was this some cold war throwback? Was it part of the branding for the Olympics? No one knew.


As it turns out, it is in fact just nostaligic packaging, no bigger story. The look goes back to their original 1930's wrapper - the single star turns out to be the original Mars logo.

Mars and Walmart could have made this more clear, not only clearing up confusion but driving sales because they are sort of cool now that we know what's up.


Thanks to TheDieLine and AcesFullofLinks

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July 18, 2008

Milky Way Celebrates Its 85th Birthday

516045_85.jpgA refurbished 1970s-era station wagon will be cruising the country this summer on the Milky Way road trip, bringing Country Karaoke, family photos and product sampling to fairs and festivals across the USA. Scheduled stops for the Milky Way Road Trip include stops at classic American summer events such as the Taste of Cincinnati, the Hometown Milwaukee 4th of July parade, and the Brickyard Classic in Indianapolis.

In addition, Milky Way is sponsoring the Great American Country Tour Bus as it crosses America, stopping at concerts and popular music festivals. Now in its third year, the GAC Tour Bus will stop at some of the biggest country music events of the summer during its 27,000-mile trek across 25 states. Music fans can sample Milky Way products while enjoying music by their favorite country artists.

From Nina M. Lentini & MediaPost

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Starburst Gummi Burst Stars In Its Own YouTube Series

Mars' latest Starburst offering, Gummi Burst, is the star of a new campaign created by Digitas that includes a new animated Web series on Starburst's own YouTube channel. "It really is a fresh look at their digital strategy," said Digitas' SVP of marketing, Todd Stanley. "It's targeting a very fickle and hard-to-reach ... audience for Starburst."

I'm having trouble finding it on YouTube, to be perfectly honest. We'll put it up when we find it, but if someone knows where it is let us know. In the meantime, here's a funny review of Starburst Gummi Burst">Starburst Gummi Bursts:

From ClickZ via IAB SmartBrief

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Mr. T Wielding a Snickers Gattling Gun


From Beyond Madison Avenue

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July 16, 2008

M&Ms Top Forbes Top 10 "Spokescreatures"

mms.jpgThe rest of the list:

#2. Geico Gecko
#3. (Tie) Aflac Duck & Poppin' Fresh a.k.a The Pillsbury Doughboy
#5. Tony the Tiger
#6. Energizer Bunny
#7. Trix Rabbit
#8. Chester the Cheetah
#9. (Tie) Ronald McDonald & Lucky the Leprechaun

From Beyond Madison Avenue

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July 10, 2008

Mars Candy Spending $10M to Sequence the Chocolate Genome

dna-ladder50.jpgDid you know the cacao tree is responsible for a $13 billion dollar-a-year chocolate industry in the U.S. alone. That's a lot of chocolate. So it stands to reason that with climate change and the spread of diseases, chocolate companies are looking to make sure their cacao stocks are strong. Which is why Mars Candy, along with IBM and the USDA are spending $10 million to sequence the entire genome of the plant.

From Envirovore via ExpiredFoods.com

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July 4, 2008

More on M&M Personalization Efforts Through Drawings & Photos

mmsfaces.jpgM&M's has taken the personalization to a new level, allowing you to have your own likeness printed on the candy via M&M's Faces.

Here's how it works:

  • You order online

  • Upload 1-2 photos

  • Pick your colors and up to two different texts

  • A "graphic specialist" from M&Ms takes the photo and makes a drawing of the face on the M&Ms.

Want a custom printed face on your M&M's? Click here

But the photos don't have to be made into a drawing, check out this video on personalized photo M&Ms.

Photo and some info via Springwise

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July 1, 2008

Naked Cowboy Gets Approval to Pursue Lawsuit Against M&M / Mars

art.naked.jpgThis story started back in February, when The Naked Cowboy, a Times Square street performer said he was going to sue M&M/Mars because they made an M&M version of his character at their Times Square store. We thought is was ridiculous then, and since he just got the green light to pursue the lawsuit, we think its even more ridiculous now.

From CNN

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