March 13, 2008

Fun Print Ad for Easter M&Ms with Dark Chocolate


Get all sorts of M&Ms goodies for Easter.

Check out more of Candy Snob's Easter Picks

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March 12, 2008

Mr. T Goes Nuts for Snickers

snickers-mr-t.jpgCheck out this viral video for Snickers. It features Mr. T and allows you to upload your own image to include in the video, which is pretty fun.

If you've ever seen the Elf-yourself viral video from OfficeMax, you'll see the resemblance. But we're not here to give out creativity awards, we're just here to say we like Mr. T kicking some candy @#$ on behalf of Snickers!

Heads up from AdRants

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February 28, 2008

Mars using Facebook & SMS for candy bar gift-giving

real candy.jpg
Facebook apps that allow users to give each other virtual gifts is not a new concept, things like flowers and even hot pretzels can be exchanged between friends. The Light Agency has now expanded on that idea with a Mars-branded widget that makes it possible to send real candy. The program is called "Celebrate." It was launched on Valentine's Day (smart), and it allows UK users of Facebook to choose from a range of Mars confectionery gifts from the Celebrate Sweet Shop online. Users select a friend, add a message and pay for the gift via PayPal tokens. The recipient gets a message requesting their mobile number. Then a Celebrate Voucher ID and gift details are sent to the recipient via text message. To get their gift, the recipient goes to one of 12,500+ PayPoint retailers and shows the Celebrate Voucher ID. Pretty slick if we do say so ourselves.

From Springwise and Bjarke Svendsen

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February 23, 2008

How to make an M&M Mocha


Its simple really. Instead of adding sugar to your morning joe, add a spoonful of Dark Chocolate M&Ms instead.

That's was easy right? Now you have a yummy, mocha-esque treat instead of boring old coffee.

If you're going to start making M&M mochas, you better stock up - get some Dark Chocolate M&Ms

From Real Simple

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February 22, 2008

Free Bonus Bag of Custom M&Ms for Easter

hdr_logo.jpgEaster is right around the corner, so its time to start thinking about what delicious confections we need for the holiday. Custom M&Ms make a great gift, I got them for my wife last Valentine's and they turned out really nicely.

The My M&Ms website gives you 17 color choices, and you get to put your own message on them. "Happy Easter" is great, but "Happy Easter Candy Snob" is even better.

My M&Ms is running a Free Bonus Bag promotion right now, I just got the postcard. You get a free bonus bag of customized M&Ms with a minimum purchase (which I assume is one bag at the normal price). The bags aren't they big, so you could double up on the same message or get two different messages. To take advantage of this, just click here and enter the promo code PARTY4. The offer expires 5/5/08.

Want regular 'ole M&Ms? Click here.

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February 14, 2008

The "Naked Cowboy" sues M&M/Mars for $6 million

Thumbnail image for NCNYC.jpgThumbnail image for mnm.jpg
It is a sad day when a side-show freak gets positive attention and exposure from a massive company, yet still decides to take their pound of flesh. But such is the case with New York's "Naked Cowboy," the Times Square street performer who is suing Mars Inc. for $6 million over the use of his trademark look -- white underwear, cowboy boots and a hat -- by a blue M&M candy on a Times Square billboard.

from Reuters
"M&M" PHOTO CREDIT: Run Around Paris
"Naked Cowboy" PHOTO CREDIT: Internet

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February 13, 2008

"M&M's" Still Life Oil Painting

mm.jpgIf your candy addiction has grown well beyond simple consumption, or your love for M&Ms needs to be expressed in art, look no further than "M&Ms" still life oil painting. This K. Madison Moore original measures 6 x 8 inches, is on gallery wrapped linen canvas. Because it has a hardwood panel, no frame is needed, its ready to hang.

Want to learn more, or maybe price it out for your living room, click here.

From K. Madison Moore

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February 11, 2008

Eat Skittles or M&Ms and doodle at the same time!

Candyrific, the maker of novelty candies products, has launched M&Ms and Skittles products that come with a white board. Yes, I said a white board, the favorite office fixture of every company in the world. Now fans of Skittles or M&Ms can write personal handwritten notes to their friends, or to tell people they need more candy. The dry erase message board includes an pen and eraser.

Candyrific's website

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February 10, 2008

Snickers Charged - The Aftermath of a Caffeine Candy Bar

Car_crash_1.jpgYesterday we reviewed the limited edition Snickers Charged bar with 60 milligrams of caffeine, taurine and other B vitamins. The net opinion of the review was that it did give you a kick, but at the expense of a funky aftertaste.

But there is now more to report...the crash...

Indeed, all that caffeine et al give you the get up and go you may need, but you crash hard. A sugar low of epic proportions hit me out of the blue about 1 1/2 or 2 hours after eating the Snickers Charged bar. Dizziness, the shakes, and overall fuzziness hit me like a ton of bricks. I was driving my car at the time, so this is not how you want to feel. The crash passed, but only after downing a Coke and eating a blueberry muffin. I don't drink Red Bull or other energy drinks, but I'd assume the crash is similar.

My advice for both readers and Mars - stick to the original Snickers bar.

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February 9, 2008

Review: Snickers Charged - Caffeine-infused Bar Wakes Me Up

The prospect of eating a Snickers bar often gives me heart palpitations, just because I love them so much. But with their latest line extension, the limited edition Snickers Charged, the palpitations come from the 60 milligrams of caffeine, taurine and other B vitamins (~10% of your RDA).

Bringing 60 milligrams of caffeine into perspective:

  • 1 - 8-ounce soft drink contains 20-40 milligrams (about 150-170 calories)

  • 1 - 8-ounce regular coffee contains 65-120 milligrams (5-100)

  • 1 - 8-ounce energy drink contains 72-80 milligrams (110-140 calories)

I must first say that this it is fully unnecessary to add chemicals to candy. If you're tired, have a cup of coffee. I also don't get how this jives with the Snickers Marathon Bar. I know they're different, but with so many choices, the consumer's going to get confused, which isn't good for the brand. But I digress...back to the Charged bar.

I ate this bar early in the morning, figuring it could be my wake-up/breakfast. It ate just like a normal Snickers bar, which was good. The flavor was nearly unmistakable to the original as well. It seemed just a hint more syrupy to me, but it was nearly indistinguishable. So I was pleased that the added chemicals didn't ruin the flavor. If you had a blindfold on you'd say it was a regular Snickers bar.

Until the aftertaste kicks in...that's when the chemical taste rears its ugly head. It gets you on the back of the tongue and in the throat. Nobody likes a chemical aftertaste, especially if its associated with a venerable favorite candy bar like Snickers.

To sum it all up, the Snickers Charged has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth...literally...not to mention I can barely keep my hands still due to the chemicals coursing through my veins.

Not a raving review, but if you're still interested in checking them out, click here.Personally, I'd just buy the original. It still has plenty of good stuff to fill you up and it gives you a little energy - not to mention they taste better. You can buy regular Snickers here.

Stats from Candy Blog

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