April 18, 2008

Candy Bar Checks

hersheys_checks.jpgNow you can take your candy addiction all the way to the bank. To learn more, check it out on Candy Addict.

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April 1, 2008

Another Cadbury Ad: This time with Joss Stone

Check out this retro-rific looking ad from Cadbury.

Other Cadbury Ads at Candy Snob:
Cadbury gets a gorilla for its spokesperson
Cadbury Ad: Airport Vehicles Replace Gorilla

From AdRants

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March 31, 2008

Cadbury Ad: Airport Vehicles Replace Gorilla

Remember when we covered the funny Cadbury ad featuring the drumming gorilla (Cadbury gets a gorilla for its spokesperson)? If not check it out, but there is a new installment as well, this time, no gorilla, and no candy actually, but airport vehicles racing. Doesn't that scream "CANDY!" to you???

From AdRants

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March 13, 2008

Chocolate Skittles runs very funny TV ad

pinata-man.jpgIts been a good week for candy marketing, just yesterday we posted about the new Mr. T viral video for Snickers. Today we have something even better, and way more funny.

The ad is for Chocolate Skittles, a treat we have yet to try. And features a pinata co-worker. Yes, you heard right...a pinata co-worker. What the heck do we mean? You're just going to have to watch.

Buy Skittles here.

From AdRants

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March 12, 2008

Mr. T Goes Nuts for Snickers

snickers-mr-t.jpgCheck out this viral video for Snickers. It features Mr. T and allows you to upload your own image to include in the video, which is pretty fun.

If you've ever seen the Elf-yourself viral video from OfficeMax, you'll see the resemblance. But we're not here to give out creativity awards, we're just here to say we like Mr. T kicking some candy @#$ on behalf of Snickers!

Heads up from AdRants

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March 4, 2008

Are caffeine-laden candies wrong?

jolt.jpgThe MarketingProfs blog has a thought-provoking post today regarding caffeinated candy, commenting on a Wall Street Journal article on the same topic.

"The candy industry is rolling out new sweets packed with more than just sugar. Buzz-inducing candy, spiked with caffeine and, often, vitamins, are the low-growth, $29 billion U.S. candy, gum and chocolate industry's answer to surging competition from energy drinks. And just like those beverages, the caffeine-infused candy often sports a controversial name that critics say evokes illegal drugs."

Candy Snob's not in the commentary business, at least when it comes to issues such as this, but the author asks some very interesting questions that you should check out if you're so inclined.

Caffeinated Candy: What's Next?

From MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog

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February 28, 2008

Mars using Facebook & SMS for candy bar gift-giving

real candy.jpg
Facebook apps that allow users to give each other virtual gifts is not a new concept, things like flowers and even hot pretzels can be exchanged between friends. The Light Agency has now expanded on that idea with a Mars-branded widget that makes it possible to send real candy. The program is called "Celebrate." It was launched on Valentine's Day (smart), and it allows UK users of Facebook to choose from a range of Mars confectionery gifts from the Celebrate Sweet Shop online. Users select a friend, add a message and pay for the gift via PayPal tokens. The recipient gets a message requesting their mobile number. Then a Celebrate Voucher ID and gift details are sent to the recipient via text message. To get their gift, the recipient goes to one of 12,500+ PayPoint retailers and shows the Celebrate Voucher ID. Pretty slick if we do say so ourselves.

From Springwise and Bjarke Svendsen

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February 22, 2008

Vintage Hershey's Chocolate...Lip Balm?

Thumbnail image for hershey1.jpgThumbnail image for hershey2.jpgThumbnail image for hershey3.jpg

Any true Candy Snob would jump at the chance to add confectionery goodness to another area of their life. If you wear lip balm, you're in luck. on10 Cosmetics has released a line of vintage Hershey's inspired cosmetics - authentic Hershey's flavors without the guilt. They're all made in the USA with high quality organic and natural ingredients.

Hershey's Sweet Milk Chocolate Lip Balm SPF 15
A hydrating lip balm scented with Hershey's Sweet Milk Chocolate candy.

Hershey's Lip Balm Ultra-Moisturizing Trio SPF 15
A three-pack of hydrating lip balm including Hershey's Vanilla Crème, Milk Chocolate, and Almond flavors.

Hershey's Almond Lip Balm SPF 15
A hydrating lip balm scented with Hershey's Almond candy.

Other products by on10

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February 16, 2008

Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients lets you play candy mogul

We're not huge video game folks here at Candy Snob, but the thought of a chocolate (and business) inspired video game certainly gets us interested. Chocolatier 2, as the name implies, is the second in the Chocolatier series, in which you help to run Baumeister Confections. In this new game, a mole is controlling Baumeister Confections and it's up to you to build a new empire from the ground up and take over Baumeister Confections. How? Well naturally through innovation and secret ingredients - the mainstays of the chocolate industry!

Buy Chocolatierhere.

Read more about Chocolatier 2

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February 14, 2008

The "Naked Cowboy" sues M&M/Mars for $6 million

Thumbnail image for NCNYC.jpgThumbnail image for mnm.jpg
It is a sad day when a side-show freak gets positive attention and exposure from a massive company, yet still decides to take their pound of flesh. But such is the case with New York's "Naked Cowboy," the Times Square street performer who is suing Mars Inc. for $6 million over the use of his trademark look -- white underwear, cowboy boots and a hat -- by a blue M&M candy on a Times Square billboard.

from Reuters
"M&M" PHOTO CREDIT: Run Around Paris
"Naked Cowboy" PHOTO CREDIT: Internet

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