Valentine's Day

January 31, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Luxury French Chocolates

Luxury French chocolates

Luxury French Chocolates
Dreamy, stunning, romantic -- World Champion, Pascal Caffet along with our other award winning master chocolatiers created this unique selection of chocolates with passion to beget passion. Colors, textures, flavors, and aromas coalesce in an entrancing assortment -- and the elegant hinged box lovingly conveys your feelings with a solid brass heart -- you can even add a brass plate boldly declaring your personal message -- eternally etched with a diamond.

The wooden box is entirely made by hand and has become a treasured keepsake in its own right - prized almost as much as the morsels initially housed. Each signature wooden box is made of Sapelli (a member of the mahogany family) and is assembled with 'finger joint' construction, a robust yet elegant assembly. The exterior of this warm-toned, tinted mahogany box is lovingly varnished to accentuate the wood's natural grain and hues.

Each of the 15 delectable gourmet chocolates within this collection is a hand-made creation from our four award-winning chocolatiers. Savor an amazing variety of pralinés and Caramel truffles; discover sublimely flavored chocolates hinting of orange essence, ripe raspberries, wild blackberry, Bourbon vanilla, star anise, ginger-bread and even lavender-honey; all cloaked in rich dark chocolate or thickly dusted with pure pungent cocoa or encased in creamy milk chocolate.

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January 30, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Give the Message of Love, French Style

Je t'aime

Je t'aime!

Give the priceless without spending a fortune. Declare your feelings in the language of love with Je t'aime, a singular romantic offering. Astonish with this exotic and stunning assortment of hand-made French artisan chocolates - all nestled within a delicate heart themed box and topped with a brass plate engraved with the timeless message of love - Je t'aime.

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January 29, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - The Five Elements - Deal Alert

The 5th Element

The Fifth Element Chocolate Pack

Fire, Water, Air, and Earth coalesce to create a magnificent harmony of 40 enchanting chocolates. Each facet of your love will be deliciously represented by this foursome of unbridled passionate expression composed of the world's finest chocolate.

Amore : A divine heart of dark chocolate ganache infused with bergamote, enclosed in velvety white chocolate. Toquade : A magnificent contrast of flavors and colors meet in this dark chocolate ganache cloaked in white chocolate. Mystique : This vanilla Bourbon caramel is dressed to impress in irresistible dark chocolate. Suprême : Walls of creamy milk chocolate embrace a melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut praline.

Until 1/31/2009, get all 4 elements for the price of only 2 elements!

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January 29, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Diamonds...err...Chocolate is Forever

A Big Chocolate Diamond!
Diamonds are forged through heat and pressure to last forever - Eternelle is forged from love and passion to leave an everlasting impression. Squarely situated in a chic, hinged wooden box is the ultimate chocolate lovers' treat, pure Venezuelan chocolate casing, wrought into a classic diamond shape, containing a rich, traditional praline center originating from Piedmont Hazelnuts with ½ pound of praline & dark chocolate bliss. The box is finished with a stylish diamond etched brass plate, making it the perfect memento. Adding to its timeless impact, you may also adorn the box with your personal message, enduringly carved into a brass plate.

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January 28, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Secrets & Desires


Secrets and Desires

Chocolates coupled with a blindfold may hearken back to 9 1/2 weeks, but it sure sounds like fun for Valentine's Day. Start with the gentle white and fruit flavours of The Beginner then move on to the deep, sensual notes of Curious to the racy tingle of Spicy, and beyond… all with tantalisingly soft truffles on the side. Where will it all end? That's for you to find out…Contents: a balance of 10 different, exciting chocolate varieties including white, milk and dark recipes, 6 classic Marc de Champagne truffles, 6 pink Marc de Champagne truffles satin blindfold.

For other Valentine's Day candy ideas, check out Candy Snob's Valentine's Gift Guide.

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January 27, 2009

Chocolate Wii Avatars Make a Comeback for Valentine's Day


via Technabob

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January 26, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Chocolate Dipping Adventure for Two


Chocolate Dipping Adventure for Two

Whether it's a cozy night in or chocolate entertainment with friends, there is something deeply satisfying with our Dipping Adventures. Sweet and savory experiences to bring out every flavor nuance of smooth melting chocolate. Just heat the chocolate and throw yourselves into pure seduction for all the senses. Contents: white pot, 40% milk pot, marshmallows, breadsticks, fudge, gianduja cubes. Try also dipping with fresh fruit (bananas, strawberries, grapes, pineapple) or other nibbles you fancy (pretzels, chocolate brownies, butter cookies, nuts).

For other Valentine's Day candy ideas, check out Candy Snob's Valentine's Gift Guide.

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January 22, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - The Season of Love Sleekster


Season of Love Sleekster

Wish your sweetheart a Happy Valentine's Day in style, with champagne, vanilla and prosecco truffles, melt-in-your-mouth pralines, real fruit fusions, and with hand-touched hearts. This ought to get the evening started right...

For other Valentine's Day candy ideas, check out Candy Snob's Valentine's Gift Guide.

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January 19, 2009

CandySnob's Valentine's Gift Guide

Fellas, let's face it, the stakes are high on Valentine's Day. You have the opportunity to thrill your significant other...or crash and burn. Which is why we have a simple rule of thumb...keep it simple and keep it classic. We hope these choices help you make the most of the day.

Under $20

Women's Bean Project Sweet Heart Bundle
A perfect Valentine's Day gift, whether for your sweetheart or for a friend. Brownies, espresso beans and jelly beans...a great combo for baking, giving, and of course eating yourself!

Between $20-50
51PJUIPAqML._SL500_AA280_.jpgLittle Love Bites Chocolate and Candy Gift Box - Valentine's Day Gift Basket
A great mix, sure to please any tastes. Included are "Love Bites" Chocolate Covered Nuts, Raspberry Chocolates, Cappuccino Chocolates, Buttery Almond Toffee, assorted Caramel Chocolates, Double Chocolate Cappuccino Mix, White Chocolate Cappuccino Mix.

419FP3YMB2L._SL500_AA280_.jpgGeoff & Drew's Valentine's Day Sweethearts Solid Heart Box of Gourmet Milk Chocolates
This is the classic. A red heart shaped box with ribbon. Even better are the gourmet chocolates inside. Two pounds to be exact, all made by hand in small batches - the old-school European way.


Sweetheart Chocolate Rose Candy Bouquet - 1 Dozen Roses in a Gift Basket
Torn between flowers and candy for your Valentine? We say kill two birds with one stone with these chocolate roses. They come in a nice gift basket as well, adding to the effect.

41fH6IH1LrL._SL500_AA280_.jpgVery Special Liquor Filled Chocolates 22 Count Variety Wooden Valentine's Day Present Gift Pack
A little less traditional, but no less delicious and special. Each beautiful wooden gift box comes with 22 foil wrapped Very Special Liquor filled chocolates. Flavors include: Stolinchnaya Orange Russian Vodka, Cointreau Liquor from France, Darmbuie Liquer, Khalua Licor de Café, Sambuca, Cles des Ducs, B and B Liquor, Chambord, Saint James, and Jack Daniels

Over $50
61VkPAB+kbL._SL500_AA280_.jpgMy Chocolate Valentine Premium Gourmet Food Gift Basket
The safe bet...great chocolates in a beautiful package. This large wicker basket is dressed to impress with red roses and ribbons and features a large box of Hearts and Flowers Strawberry Chocolate Creams, large Heart Box of Assorted Chocolates, small Heart Box of Assorted Chocolates, 3 premium Chocolate Roses tied into a mini bouquet, premium Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Bar, Primo Dolce Chocolate Bursts, rich and creamy Chocolate Fudge, luscious Lindt Lindsor Truffles, Chocolate Truffle Popper, 5 Cherry Heart Lollipops tied into a bouquet and chocolate dipped Truffle Cookies

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January 12, 2009

Skull Chocolates for Valentine's Day from Choccywoccydoodah Chocolatier

choccywoccy-whiteskull.jpgNothing says "I love you" like a human cranium.

The self-proclaimed "Internationally renowned as the couturiers of chocolaterie...", Choccywoccydoodah makes decadent chocolate cakes, sculptures, and extravagant and chocolates.

For Valentine's Day, they've also put together some gothic goodies, such as a Victorian skull wasn't in fact made of porcelain, it was 100% Belgian chocolate.

Choccywoccydoodah is located outside of London in Brighton. Check out Choccywoccydoodah.

via CoolHunting

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February 14, 2008

Send Virtual Chocolate for Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Candy Snob!

If you're still scrambling to get a gift for someone, be sure to check out our Valentine's gift ideas.

But if you have your candy purchase all taken care of, but still want to send your Valentine some added sweeteness, send them a Virtual Chocolate. They have 34 images to send to someone with a personalized message.

We do NOT, however, recommend sending ONLY a Virtual Chocolate. That is just a tease and will only lead to your sweetheart getting mad at if we needed more reason for that on Valentine's Day!

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February 5, 2008

La Tienda owner provides passionate history of chocolate & Spain

02_08_web_photo.jpgDon Harris, an aficionado of Spain for more than 40 years, wrote a really brief but informative blog post about Spanish chocolate on his site, LaTienda leading up to Valentine's Day.

He starts in 1544 and moves through Columbus, Cortés and Prince Philip II; chocolate's origin in the Amazon; all the way through World War II. Its a great read for anyone wanting to learn more about the role of Spain in the chocolate world (hint: its a pretty big role).

Our favorite excerpt is below...mostly because we too want to build a chocolate room in our house!

"Soon any Spanish nobleman worth his salt reconfigured his house so that he would have a Chocolate Room - usually situated between the Large Hall and the drawing room. There, as a man of leisure, he would spend hours in pleasant conversation with significant friends and political associates."

Read the whole post here.

Still looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas? Check out Candy Snob's Valentine's Gift Guide.

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January 16, 2008

Even M&Ms are going the name of love

Coincidentally, we just bought a bag of green M&Ms, so check back for our review and assessment soon!

Limited Edition All-Green M&M'S® Chocolate Candies Put Consumers in the Mood for Love This Valentine's Day

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ · January 16, 2007 - PRNewswire — Mars Snackfood U.S. is proclaiming green the new color of love this Valentine's Day as the brand celebrates the myths, rumors and innuendo surrounding green M&M'S® Chocolate Candies. In support of this bold and fun declaration, retail establishments across the country will display limited edition all-green M&M'S® amidst a sea of traditional red and pink products. Consumers can find the all-green M&M'S® in packages from January 2008 through the Valentine's holiday.

Ms. Green in a Starring Role

The flirtatious, alluring, and confident Ms. Green M&M'S® brand character will appear on packages along with a disclaimer that states: Consumption of The Green Ones® may result in elevated romance levels. If you experience this effect, contact your significant other immediately.

"By proclaiming Green the new color of love, M&M'S® is spinning a traditional Valentine's Day treat into something fun and flirty," stated Michele Kessler, vice president, marketing, Mars Snackfood US. "Consumers will be delighted with our sweet and sassy Ms. Green as she encourages Americans to support green as the new color of love and we elevate the myth behind green M&M'S!"

Consumers Can Celebrate The Green Myth Online

By visiting, consumers and fans will be able to demonstrate their love for green and learn more about the lady behind the legend. The interactive site will offer consumers the opportunity to join the green M&M'S® community by sharing their own experiences with the candy, as well as seek advice from Ms. Green on how people can get their lovers' mojo motoring. Consumers can also send Ms. Green E-Valentine's to significant others and secret crushes and online "green smooches" from the lady herself.

What is it about The Green Ones®?

Legend has it The Green Ones® are an aphrodisiac; rumors of their special powers have been circulating since the '70s. In fact a certain perm-bearing early '80s rock star had it in his contract for three pounds of Green M&M'S® Chocolate Candies backstage for, uh, "inspiration." The Green Ones® have even made it into outer space. Green M&M'S® Chocolate Candies have been requested on 31 space shuttle flights.

The Lore of Green

The color green has a strong place in history, long associated with love and fertility. Green is also associated with energy, youth, growth, hope and new life. In the 15th century, green was the preferred color for wedding attire and the Celtic symbol of fertility was The Green Man. Today, green is considered an emotional stabilizer and pituitary stimulant.

About Ms. Green

Ms. Green joined the M&M'S® pack in 1997 as the first (and only) female spokescandy. She instantly captivated fans of the iconic candy with her luscious lips, slightly suggestive smile and white-hot go-go boots. Famous for her sometimes intimidating "I melt for no one" bravado, Ms. Green is turned on by simple candlelit dinners… in Paris, and isn't shy about promoting her beauty and special powers.

Other M&M posts on CandySnob

Holy sugar shock - Dunkin Donuts launches Milky Way Hot Chocolate and M&Ms Donuts
CandySnob checks out M&M 100 Calories Packs
Survival of the fittest M&Ms

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January 9, 2008

Free Bonus Bag of Customized M&M's for Valentine's Day

One of CandySnob's favorite holidays, Valentine's Day, is fast approaching. Look for our CandySnob Valentine's Gift Guide very soon. But in the meantime, check out this cool offer from M&M's. I got these for my lovely wife for Mother's Day last year and they're a really nice, personal gift. So this year, instead of the same old flowers or dinner out, show your Valentine you really care. Give personalized M&M'S, and they'll send a free bonus bag. The reality is that personalized M&Ms are relatively expensive (think how long it takes people to paint the words on each little piece!) a bonus bag is a good deal.

Check out the Valentine's section

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